Albion Knight B4v transcription

parsō. Honesty or not/but thou shall se
What I shall do by and by
Make no stroglynge/com forthe soberly
For it shall not auayle the I say
frere. ¶Mary that shall we trye/euen strayt way
I defy the churle preeste/& there be no mo than thou
I wyll not go with the/ I make god a bow
We shall se fyrst which is the stronger
God hath sent me bonys I dothe not fere
parsō. ¶Ye by the fayth/wylt thou be there
Neybour prat brynge forth that kanue
And thou syr frere yf thou wylt algatys raue
frere. ¶Nay chorle I the defy
I shall trouble the fyrst
Thou shalt go to pryson by and by
Let me se now do thy worste
Prat with the pardoner/& the parson with the frere
parsō. ¶Helpe helpe neybour prat neybour prat
In the worship of god/help me som what
prat. ¶Nay deal as thou canst with that elfe
For why I haue inoughe to do my selfe
Alas for payne I am almoste dede
The reede blood so ronneth downe about my hede
Nay and thou canst I pray the helpe me
parsō     Nay by the mas felowe it wyll not be
I haue more tow on my dystaste/thā I can well spyn
The cursed frere dothe the upper hand wyn
frere.     Wyll ye leue than/and let us in peace departe
ps. & pr ¶Ye by our lady/euen with all our hearte
fre pd. ¶Than adew to the deuyll tyll we come agayn
psō.pr ¶And a myschefe go with you bothetw ayne.
      Imprynted by Wyllyam Rastell
          of Apryll/the yere of our lorde.M.
                       ¶Cum priuilegio.
[A pencil note in the lower right hand corner reads, "X60582"]