Albion Knight B4r transcription

And yet as thou saist in thy sermō yt no mā shall touch
parsō     No more of this wranglyng in my chyrch
I threwe your hartys bothe/for this lurche
Is there any blood shed here betwen these knaues
Thanked be god/they had no stauys
Nor egoteles/for than it had ben wronge
Well ye shall synge another songe
Neybour prat/come hether I you pray
prat. ¶Why/what us this nyse fraye
parsō. ¶I can not tell you/one knaue dysdaynes another
Wherfore take ye the tone/and I shall take the other
We shall bestow them/there as is most conuenyent
For suche a couple/I trow they shall repente
That euer they met in this chyrche here
Neyboure ye be constable/stande ye nere
Take ye that laye knaue/and let me alone
With this gentylman/by god and by saynt John
I shall borrow upon prestholde somwhat
For I may say to the neybour prat
It is a good dede to punysh such to the ensample
Oh suche other/how that they shall mell
In lyke facyon as there catyfes do
prat. ¶In good fayth mayster parson/yt ye do so
Ye do but well/to teche them to be ware
pardo. ¶Mayster prat I pray ye me to spare
For I am sory/for that that is done
Wherfore I pray ye forgyue me sone
For that I haue offendyd within your lybertye
And by my trouthe syr/ye may trust me
I wyll neuer come hether more
Whyle I lyue and god before
prat. ¶Nay I am ones charged with the
Wherfore by saynt John thou shalt not escape me
Tyll thou hast scouryd a pare of stokys
parsō. ¶Cut he meneth all is but mockes
Lay hande on hym/and come ye on syr frere
Ye shall of me hardely haue your hyre
Ye had none suche this.bii(???).yere
I swere by god/ and by our lady dere
pardo. ¶Nay mayster parson/for goddys passyon
Intreate not me after that facyon
For yf ye do it wyll not be for your honesty.