Albion Knight B1v transcription

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But I neuer theles/wyll declare the popes bull
frere. ¶ Now my frendes/I haue afore shewd ye
pardo. ¶ Now my maysters/as I haue afore declared
frere.    That good it is to gyue your charyte
pardo. ¶ That pardoners from you may not be spared
frere.    And further I haue/at lenghte to you tolde
pardo. ¶ Now here after/shall folow and ensew
frere.    Who be these people/that ye receyue sholde
pardo. ¶ That foloweth of pardons/the great vertew
frere.    That is to say/vs freres pore
pardo. ¶ We pardoners for your soules be as necessary
frere.    That for our lyuynge must begge fro dore to dore
pardo. As is the meate/for our bodys hungry
frere.    For of our own propre/we haue no proprethynge
pardo. For pardons is the thynge that bryngeth men to heuen
frere.    But that we get/of deuout peoples gettynge
pardo. ¶ Pardons delyuereth them fro the synnes seuen
frere.    And in our place/be fryers thre score and thre
pardo. ¶ Pardons for euery cryme may dyspens
frere. Which onely lyue/on mens charyte
pardo. Pardon purchasyth grace forall offence
frere. For we fryars/wylfull charyte professe
pardo. ¶ Ye though ye had slayne bothe father and mother
frere.    We may haue no money/nother more nor lesse
pardo. ¶ And this pardon/is chefe aboue all other
frere.    For wordly treasure we may nought care
pardo. ¶ For who to it offeryth/grote or peny
frere.    Our soules must be ryche/and ourbodyes bare
pardo. ¶ Though synnes/he had done neuer so many
frere. And one thynge I had almoste left behynde
pardo. ¶ And though that he had all his kyndred slayn
frere.    Which before/cam not to my mynde
pardo. ¶ This pardon shall ryd thē fro euer lastynge payne
frere.    And doubtles it is none other thynge
pardo. ¶ There is no syn/so abhomynable
frere.    But whan ye wyll gyue/your almes & offerynge
pardo. ¶ Which to remyt/this pardon is not able
frere.    Loke that ye/dystrybute it wysely
pardo. ¶ As well declareth/the sentence of this letter
frere.    Not to euery man/that for it wyll crye
pardo. ¶ Ye can not hterefore/bestow your money better
frere.    For yf ye gyue/your almes in that wyse