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Thomas Dabbs is a professor of English at Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo, where he has taught Shakespeare and the English Bible since 2003. Prior to this position Dabbs taught at Hiroshima University. Dabbs is the author of Reforming Marlowe: the Nineteenth-Century Canonization of a Renaissance Dramatist (1991) and Genesis in Japan: The Bible beyond Christianity (2013). Recent pertinent articles include 'Paul’s Cross and the Dramatic Echoes of Early Elizabethan Print' in T. Kirby ed. Paul’s Cross and the Culture of Persuasion in England, 1520–1640 (2013), ‘The Glamorous Echoes of Godly Print’ (2011) and ‘Paul’s Cross Churchyard and Shakespeare’s Verona Youth’ (2013) in A. Shifflett and E. Gieskes, eds. Renaissance Papers.

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