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Edward Juby was a member of the Admiral's men in 1594. He appears in the Plots that survive from company performances in the late 1590s-early 1600s, and he represented the company in various transactions including the purchase of play books and apparel. He continued with the company when it acquired the patronage of Prince Henry in 1604. After the prince's death in November 1612, Juby and his fellows became known as Palgrave's men, where he retained his position as a business executive, as in acquiring the lease of the Fortune playhouse in 1618. Juby maintained a personal relationship with Edward Alleyn after the latter's retirement.

Juby married Frances Griffyth on 19 June 1597 in the parish of St. James Clerkenwell. The couple lived in St. Saviour's Southwark, where his children were christened and buried; he was himself buried there on 20 November 1618. His wife, Frances, kept a half-share of the lease in the Fortune as late as 1622. For more detail, consult items in the Works Cited.

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