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REED's siteplan of Gray's Inn, from the
REED Patrons and Performances entry for the Inner Temple

Plays/performances associated with the Inner Temple (Inn of Court, Middlesex).

According to the REED Patrons and Performances entry:

Located on the E side of the Temple Liberty on a prestigious site near the River Thames, the entrance to Inner Temple was and remains on the S side of Fleet Street.

Part of the medieval Temple land formed a monastery and part remained unconsecrated. The monastic buildings of the Knights Templar lay around the present Church Court (now called Cloisters), with the refectory on the site of the present Inner Temple Hall. Another hall lay on or somewhat to the E of Middle Temple Lane and housed the lay brethren and other laymen.

Little remains of the medieval and Tudor buildings, mostly destroyed by 17th c. fires and 20th c. bombing. The medieval hall was rebuilt in the 19th c. but the buttery at the W end, some antiquarian images and a couple of Elizabethan doors provide glimpses of its architectural design..

The REED entry further notes that

Numerous appearances by royal acting troupes are recorded at the Inner Temple in the early 17th c.

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