Troy’s Revenge, with the Tragedy of Polyphemus

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Henry Chettle (1599)

Historical Records

Henslowe's Diary

F. 53v. (Greg I.102)

Lent vnto samvell Rowley the 16 of febreary
1598 to lend in p[ar]te of payment vnto harye
chettell vpon his boocke of polefemos . . . . xxs

Lent vnto Thomas downton the 27 of febreary
1598 to paye vnto harey cheattell in fulle
payment for a playe called Troyes Revenge
wth the tragedy of polefeme the some of fyftye
shellenges & strocken of his deatte wch he owes
vnto the company fyftye shelenges more . . . ls

F. 61 (Greg I.105)

Hary cheattell hath strocken of his deate
as foloweth 1598 vnto the companye [...]
pd of his deate in his boocke of polefeme . . . ls

F. 64v (Greg I.112)

Lent vnto the littell tayller the 4 of
octobre 1599 to bye diuers for the play
of polefeme the some of . . . viijs

Theatrical Provenance

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Critical Commentary

Greg: "The title Troy's Revenge suggests a play on the fates of the Greek heroes, which would include the story of Odysseys and Polyphemus, though it is a strange incident to select as the central theme of a tragedy." (II.201)

For What It's Worth

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