Tooth-Drawer, The

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Anon >(1658)

Historical Records

The new world of English words

The list of "Books in the Presse, and ready for Printing" at the end of The new world of English words (1658) includes:

7. The Tooth-drawer: a Comedy.

Wit and Drollery

Nathaniel Brook's list of "Books in the Press and now printing" at the end of Wit and Drollery (1661) includes:

6. The Tooth-drawer, a Comedy.

Theatrical Provenance

Unknown. Harbage lists this play in a supplementary appendix.

Probable Genre(s)


Possible Narrative and Dramatic Sources or Analogues

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References to the Play

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Critical Commentary

Commenting on the title's appearance in Nathaniel Brook's list of books in print, Bentley notes: "The advertisement must have been at least premature, for there is no evidence that the play was ever printed, though one would assume that Brook had a manuscript. Nothing else is known of a play of the title" (5.1422-23).

For What It's Worth

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Works Cited

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Wit and drollery joviall poems / corrected and much amended, with new additions, by Sir J.M. ... Sir W.D. ... and the most refined wits of the age. London: Printed for Nathanial Brook ..., 1661. EEBO.

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