Tomerania, The Tragedy of

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Anon. before 1703

Historical Records

Hill's list

Hill's list is reproduced and discussed here. The forty-seventh item on it is:

The Tragedy of Tomerania

Theatrical Provenance


Probable Genre(s)


Possible Narrative and Dramatic Sources or Analogues

None known

References to the Play

None known

Critical Commentary

"Tomerania" is not a word that seems to make any sense. J. Q. Adams, discussing Hill's list, suggests textual corruption, and that the word should be read either as "Pomerania", or as "Tamercam", a form of Tamburlaine (Adams, 97-8). Bentley (5.1421) reports Adams's two suggestions without enthusiasm for either.

For What It's Worth

EEBO-TCP can offer no obvious help at the time of writing. Google finds many occurrences of the string "Tomerania", but they all appear to result from OCR errors for the word "Pomerania".

Works Cited

Shaw, Catherine M. Richard Brome. Boston: Twayne, 1980.

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