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  • Under the play list for "my lord admeralls men" on 14-16 May 1594: ...gininge at newington for "my Lord Admeralle men & my Lorde chamberlen men" for 10 performances, June 3-13:
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  • None known (but see [[#For What It's Worth|For What It's Worth]]) ==For what it's worth==
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  • ...ins, in collaboration with Richard Hathway, took payments from the company for three plays: ''[[Hannibal and Scipio|Hannibal and Scipio]]'', ''[[Scogan an ...hus the entire island came under his control; he fashioned a crown of gold for himself as a sign of victory and rule.</blockquote>
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  • ...a case or the like, never admit any party w<sup>th</sup>out a bar between. For A man Cannot be to wise, nor kepe him selfe to safe.</blockquote> ...of their fair wordes & sai lyttell to them, lest they doe the Like by thee for thy good will/</blockquote>
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  • ...sion of the play survives, it is impossible to date its composition or say for certain the nature of the manuscript that Isaac Reed held (see below). ...xample, Fleay, 1:30, Hazlitt, 27, and Chambers 3:214; Bullen’s DNB entry for Barnes suggests that the entry is not in the catalogue, but it is present i
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  • J made the dūbe shewes for it. <br> ...air was she that scarce might any be found to compare with her for beauty, for no polished ivory, nor newly-fallen snow, nor no lilies could surpass the w
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  • |'''Master <br>Hum. Moseley''' ||Entred for his copies under the hand of MASTER THRALE warden, the severall plays follo ...strates'' provides the greatest detail under the heading "Madan shewes how for his euill life he was slaine of Wolues, the yeare before Christe. 1009":
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