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Title Year Dramatist Auspices
Wandring Jew, The Unknown Anon. Unknown
War without Blows and Love without Suit (or Strife) 1599 Heywood Admiral's
Warlamchester 1594 Anon. Admiral's
Warriors 1619 Anon. Merchant Taylors Hall
Way to Content All Women, or How a Man May Please His Wife 1624 Gunnell Palsgrave's
Wedding Masque for Sir Philip Herbert (Juno and Hymenaeus) 1604 Anon. Herbert-Vere Wedding
Wedding Masque (Belleffe-Malory) 1561 Anon. London
Wedding Masques (Dudley-Russell) 1565 Anon. Whitehall
Welsh Traveller 1622 Anon. Revels (players)
Welshman, The 1595 Anon. Admiral's
Welshman's Price, The (Welshman's Prize) 1598 Anon. Admiral's
What Mischief Worketh in the Mind of Man 1578 Anon. Berkeley's
Whisperer, or What You Please 1650 Anon. Red Bull
White Moor, The Unknown Dekker Unknown
Whore in Grain 1624 Anon. Palsgrave's
Whore New Vamped, The 1639 Anon. Prince Charles's (I)
Widow's Charm, The 1602 Anon. Admiral's
Widow's Prize, or The Woman Captain 1625 Sampson Prince Charles's (I)
William Cartwright 1602 Haughton Admiral's
William Longsword (William Longbeard) 1598 Drayton Admiral's
William the Conqueror 1593 Anon. Sussex's
Wily Beguily 1567 Anon. Merton College, Oxford
Wise Man of West Chester, The 1594 Anon. Admiral's
Wit and Will 1568 Anon. Whitehall
Wit in a Madness 1639 (S.R.) Brome King's Revels(?) or Queen Henrietta Maria's(?)
Witless 1561 Anon. Unknown
Witch of Islington, The 1597 Anon. Admiral's
Woman Hard To Please, A 1597 Anon. Admiral's
Woman is Too Hard for Him, The 1621 Anon. King's
Woman's Law, The 1653 (S.R.) Anon. Unknown
Woman's Masterpiece, The 1653 (S.R.) Anon. Unknown
Woman Monster Unknown Unknown Unknown
Woman's Mistaken, The 1653 (S.R.) Davenport & Drue Unknown
Woman's Plot, The 1621 Massinger King's
Woman's Tragedy, The 1598 Chettle Admiral's
Wonder of a Woman, The 1595 Unknown Admiral's
Wooer, The 1570-1589 Puttenham Unknown
Wooing of Death, The 1600 Chettle Admiral's
World Runs on Wheels, or All Fools but the Fool 1599 Chapman Admiral's
World, The 1639 Anon. Beeston's Boys
Worse Afeared Than Hurt 1598 Dekker & Drayton Admiral's

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