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==Possible Narrative and Dramatic Sources or Analogues==
==Possible Narrative and Dramatic Sources or Analogues==

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[ from ''The Non-dramatic Works of Thomas Dekker'', ed. A. B. Grosart]

[;view=fulltext from EEBO-TCP]

==References to the Play==
==References to the Play==

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Thomas Dekker (1602)

Historical Records

Payments to Playwrights (Henslowe’s Diary)

F. 107 (Greg I.169)

Lent vnto Thomas downton & edwarde
Jewbe to geue vnto Thomas deckers in
earnest of A comody called A medysen
for A cvrste wife … 19 of July 1602 … xxxxs

Lent vnto thomas downton the 31 of July
1602 to paye vnto [hary chettell] Thomas
deckers in parte of payment of his comody
called a medyssen for a cvrste wife …
the some of … xxxxs

F. 115 (Greg I.179)

Layd owt more for the company in parte of payment
for a boocke called medsen for a cvrst wiffe
the some of … xs
vnto thomas deckers …

F. 115v (Greg I.180)

pd at the a poynment of the company
the 1 of september 1602 in parte of payment
for a comody called a medysen for a
cvrste wife to thomas deckers some of … iiijli

pd at the apoyntment the [of] companye
the 2 of september 1602 in full payment
for a comody called a medysen for a
cvrste wife to thomas deckers some of … xxxs

F. 116 (Greg I.181)

pd vnto thomas deckers the 27 of september 1602
over & a bove his price of his boocke called a
medysen for a cvrste wife some of … xs

Theatrical Provenance

The Admiral's Men paid Thomas Dekker £10 in the Summer of 1602 for the comedy A Medicine for a Curst Wife. It was presumably acted at the Fortune theatre. On 27 September 1602 Dekker was given 10s "over & a bove his price".

Probable Genre(s)

Comedy (Harbage).

Possible Narrative and Dramatic Sources or Analogues

from The Non-dramatic Works of Thomas Dekker, ed. A. B. Grosart


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