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[[Alexius, or The Chaste Lover]]
<div style="text-align: center;">[[Dramatists|'''Return to Browse by Dramatists''']]</div>
<br>[[Antonio and Vallia]]  
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<br>[[Dutch Painter, and the French Brawl]]  
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<br>[[Fair Anchoress of Pausilippo]]
<br>[[Feast (or Taste) and Welcome]]
! scope="col" align="left" |Title
<br>[[Honor of Women]]
! scope="col" align="left" |Year
<br>[[Jeweler of Amsterdam]]  
! scope="col" align="left" |Auspices
<br>[[Judge, The]]
<br>[[King and Subject]]
| [[Alexius, or The Chaste Lover]]||[[1639]]||[[:Category:King's|King's]]
<br>[[Minerva’s Sacrifice (or The Forced Lady)]]
<br>[[Orator, The]]
| [[Antonio and Vallia]]||[[1620]]||[[:Category:Red Bull (players)|Red Bull (players)]]
<br>[[Philenzo and Hippolyta]]  
<br>[[Prisoners, The]]  
| [[Cleander]] ||[[1634]]||[[:Category:King's|King's]]
<br>[[Unfortunate Piety (or Italian Nightpiece)]]
<br>[[Woman’s Plot]]
| [[Dutch Painter, and the French Brawl]]||[[1623]]||[[:Category:Prince Charles's (I)|Prince Charles's (I)]]
| [[Fair Anchoress of Pausilippo]]||[[1640]]||[[:Category:King's|King's]]
| [[Feast (or Taste) and Welcome]]||[[1631]]||[[:Category:King's|King's]] (?)
| [[History of Will Longsword, Son to Rosamund]]||[[1639]]||[[:Category:Prince Charles's (II)|Prince Charles's (II)]]
| [[Honor of Women]]||[[1628]]||[[:Category:Unknown|Unknown]]
| [[Jeweller of Amsterdam]]||[[1616]]||[[:Category:King's|King's]]
| [[Judge, The]]||[[1627]]||[[:Category:King's|King's]]
| [[King and the Subject]]||[[1638]]||[[:Category:King's|King's]]
| [[Minerva's Sacrifice (or The Forced Lady)]]||[[1629]]||[[:Category:King's|King's]]
| [[Orator, The]]||[[1635]]||[[:Category:King's|King's]]
| [[Philenzo and Hippolyta]] ||[[1620]]||[[:Category:Red Bull (players)|Red Bull (players) (?)]]
| [[Prisoners, The]]||[[1640]]||[[:Category:Unknown|Unknown]]
| [[Unfortunate Piety (or Italian Nightpiece)]]||[[1631]]||[[:Category:King's|King's]]
| [[Woman's Plot, The]]||[[1621]]||[[:Category:King's|King's]]

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