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=== Impact ===
=== Impact ===
* [[LPD-derived_publications|LPD-Derived Publications]]
* [[LPD-derived_publications|LPD-Derived Publications]]
* [[Citations and Usage|Citations and Usage]]
* [[Citations and Usage]]

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What is the Lost Plays Database?

The Lost Plays Database is a wiki-style forum for scholars to share information about lost plays in England, 1570-1642. Its purpose is to add lost plays to scholarly discussions of early modern theatrical activity.

The editors believe that lost plays are a potential source of significant information on playwrights, playing companies, venues in London and the provinces, repertory studies, and audiences. The database provides a web-accessible, web-editable site for data on these plays concerning theatrical provenance, sources, genre, and authorship.

Users of the Lost Plays Database will find information drawn from the following, as applicable:

  • Stationers' Register
  • Henslowe's Diary
  • Legal records
  • Narrative and dramatic sources
  • Scholarly commentary
  • Online databases and digital archives

Unlike many public wikis, the Lost Plays Database is not open to public editing: for quality control, potential contributors must apply to the editors for contributing privileges (see How to Contribute).