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This page documents any publications (journals, books, etc.) arising out of research conducted for the Lost Plays Database.


McInnis, David and Matthew Steggle, ed. Lost Plays in Shakespeare's England. Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2014.
David McInnis and Matthew Steggle, "Nothing will come of nothing? Or, What can we Learn from Plays that Don't Exist?", 1-16. (View pdf)
William Proctor Williams, "What's a Lost Play? Toward a Taxonomy of Lost Plays", 17-30.
Roslyn L. Knutson, "Ur-Plays and Other Exercises in Making Stuff Up", 31-54.
Andrew Gurr, "What is Lost of Shakespearean Plays, Besides a Few Titles?", 55-71.
Matthew Steggle, "Lost, or Rather Surviving as a Very Short Document", 72-83.
John H. Astington, "Lumpers and Splitters", 84-104.
David McInnis, " '2 Fortune's Tennis' and the Admiral's Men", 105-26.
Misha Teramura, "Brute Parts: From Troy to Britain at the Rose, 1595-1600", 127-47.
Paul Whitfield White, "The Admiral's Lost Arthurian Plays", 148-62.
Lawrence Manley, "Lost Plays and the Repertory of the Strange's Men", 163-86.
Michael J. Hirrel, "Thomas Watson, Playwright: Origins of Modern English Drama", 187-207.
Christopher Matusiak, "Lost Stage Friars and their Narratives", 208-228.
Christi Spain-Savage, "Reimagining Gillian: The Merry Wives of Windsor and the lost 'Friar Fox and Gillian of Brentford'", 229-53.
Martin Wiggins, "Where to Find Lost Plays", 255-78.

Steggle, Matthew. Digital Humanities and the Lost Drama of Early Modern England: Ten Case Studies. Ashgate, 2015.
View a sample from the publisher

Articles and Chapters

Knutson, Roslyn L. and David McInnis, “The Lost Plays Database: A Wiki for Lost Plays,” Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England 24 (2011): 46-57.
View article on Googlebooks

McInnis, David, “Robert Wilson and Lost Plays,” Performance as Research in Early English Theatre Studies: The Three Ladies of London in Context.
View article
See the LPD entries for plays by Robert Wilson.

McInnis, David. “Webs of Engagement.” Digital Shakespeare: A Shifting Landscape. Ed. Christie Carson and Peter Kirwan. Cambridge: CUP, 2014. 43-56.
View chapter on Googlebooks

McInnis, David. “Marlowe’s Influence and 'The True History of George Scanderbeg',” Marlowe Studies: An Annual 2 (2012): 71-85.
See the LPD entry for George Scanderbeg

McInnis, David. “Lost Plays from Early Modern England: Voyage Drama, A Case Study,” Literature Compass 8/8 (2011): 534-42.
Download a pdf of the article (The definitive version is available at wileyonlinelibrary.com)
See the LPD entries for Travel plays

Nicol, David. "The Peaceable King, or the Lord Mendall: A Lost Jack Cade Play and its 1623 Revival". Early Theatre 19.1 (2016): 137-45.
See the LPD entry for Peaceable King, or Lord Mendall

Steggle, Matthew. "A Lost Turk Play: Actors Mufti Nassuf &c (1614-42)," Ben Jonson Journal 19.1 (2012): 45-64.
Download a pdf of the article
See the LPD entry for Actors Mufti Nassuf &c

Steggle, Matthew. "A Lost Jacobean Tragedy: Henry the Una (c.1619)," Early Theatre 13.1 (2010): 65-82.
Download a pdf of the article, by kind permission of Early Theatre and Helen Ostovich (editor).
See the LPD entry for Henry the Una

Teramura, Misha. "The Admiral's' Vayvode of 1598," Early Theatre 18.1 (2015): 79-99.
See the LPD entry for Vayvode

Teramura, Misha. "Richard Topcliffe's Informant: New Light on The Isle of Dogs," Review of English Studies (forthcoming).
See the LPD entry for The Isle of Dogs


McInnis, David. “Evidence of a Lost Tarlton Play, c. 1585, Probably for The Queen’s Men,” Notes & Queries 59.1 (March 2012): 43-45.
View a pdf of the note, via Oxford Journals' free-access site.
See the LPD entry for A Lord and his Three Sons

McInnis, David and Matthew Steggle. “Folger MS X.d.390 (1-2), and Folger MS X.d.391,” Notes & Queries 58.3 (Sept 2011): 374-76.
View a pdf of the note, via Oxford Journals' free-access site.
See the LPD entries for Eusebius, Timotheus, Theophilus (Folger MS X.d.390) and Pilades and Horestes (Folger MS X.d.391)

McInnis, David. “Fortunatus and the ‘Tree of Gowlden Apelles’ in Henslowe’s Inventory,” Notes & Queries 58.2 (June 2011): 270-72.
View a pdf of the note, via Oxford Journals' free-access site.
See the LPD entry for Fortunatus, Part 1

Steggle, Matthew. "The 'Comedy of a Duke of Ferrara' in 1598", Early Theatre 19.2 (2016), 139–156.

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