King's Men repertory list (1641)


On 7 August 1641, the Earl of Essex (now Lord Chamberlain) required the Stationers' Company to forbid the printing of King's Men plays without the company's consent (the desire to protect their plays having been occasioned by the onset of plague and the consequent closure of the theatres from 5 August til the end of November 1641).


The following transcription of part of the letter, including the list, is taken from Bentley 1.65-66:

...The particulars to which they now lay claime are contained in a List inclosed, and if any of those Playes shall bee offered to ye Presse vnder another name then is in the List expressed, I shall desire yor care that they may not bee defrauded by that meanes but that they may bee made acquainted wth it, before they bee recorded in yr Hall & soe haue Oportunity to shew their right vnto them. ...

A List of ye Playes followes
The wild goose chase Bunduca. The discontented Colonell
The litle french Lawyer. The inconstant Lady The Brothers
The Loyall subject. Chances Mineruae's sacrifice
The spanish Curat. The maid of the Mill The Iudge.
The martiall maide The Bridegroome & ye Madma The Citty madam.
Beauty in a Trance The Queene of Corinth The Corporall.
The forc'd Lady The Coxcombe Alfonso Emperor of Germany
Alexius The noble gentleman The Nobleman.
The Custom o'th Cuntry Beggars The bashfull Louer
The double marriage The honest mans fortune Loue & honor.
A wife for a moneth The vnfortunate Louers The 1st & 2nd pt of ye Passiont louer
The Island Princes The faire fauorite The Guardian.
The mad Louer. The Emperour Valentinian The Duke of Lerma or ye spanish Duke.
The Pilgrim The Goblins The Prophetesse
The Maior of Quinborow & The distresses The Louers Pilgrimage
The womans Plott The doubtfull heire The Louers Progresse
The womans prize &c The Imposture News from Plimouth.
The Switzar. The Country Captaine
More dissemblers beside women
The widow
The knt of Malta
The Nouella
The Louesick maid
The Captaine
The humerous Lieuetennt