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:'''Resource Title:''' ''Lost Plays Database''
:'''Resource Title:''' ''Lost Plays Database''
:'''Editors:''' Roslyn L. Knutson, David McInnis, and Matthew Steggle
:'''Editors:''' Roslyn L. Knutson, David McInnis, Matthew Steggle, and Misha Teramura
:'''Place of Publication:''' Washington, D. C.
:'''Place of Publication:''' Washington, D. C.

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The editors of the Lost Plays Database encourage scholars to use and cite this resource accurately in their own work.

Preferred Citation Style:
We suggest beginning a citation with the name of the entry, rather than with an author. This is because the collaborative nature of a wiki will inevitably lead to multi-authored and repeatedly revised entries that are not conducive to author-focused citations. (NB. All contributors to a given entry are identified within the entry itself and its history page).

Using the latest MLA 8 style, a citation for the "Bellendon"' entry in a 'Works Cited' list would appear as follows:

"Bellendon". Lost Plays Database, accessed 09 May 2018, https://lostplays.folger.edu/Bellendon.

Further Information:
Because other citation styles may require more or less information, the following may be of assistance:

Page Title: All entries have a page title, usually formatted for alphabetising purposes (e.g. "Conquest of the West Indies, The")

Resource Title: Lost Plays Database

Editors: Roslyn L. Knutson, David McInnis, Matthew Steggle, and Misha Teramura

Place of Publication: Washington, D. C.

Publisher: Folger Shakespeare Library

Date of Publication: This is given at the bottom of an entry.

URL: https://lostplays.folger.edu

Questions about citing the database can be directed to the editors at: