Hill's List of Early Plays in Manuscript

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The following list of early plays in manuscript was recorded by book collector Abraham Hill (1635-1721): "The list seems to have been Hill's record of the stock of some bookseller, set down between 1677 and 1703, but it is notable that nearly all the identifiable plays and playwrights of the list are Jacobean or Caroline" (Bentley V.1283). It is reproduced from pages 73-74 of Joseph Quincy Adams, “Hill’s List of Early Plays in Manuscript.” The Library 4th Ser., 20.1 (1939): 71-99. Print.

1 ………. The Conquerors custome or the fair prisoner Tho Middleton
2 The white Moor Tho Decker
3 Christianetta or Marriage & hanging goe by destiny Chapman & Brome
4 The wrongd Widows tragedy
5 The Lovers holiday or the Beare
6 All is not Gold that glisters
7 Look on me & Love me or marriage in the dark
8 The Witch of Edmonton Will. Sh
9 The painted Lady
10 Spanish preferment
11 disguises or love in disguise, a pettycoat voyage Th. Decker
12 mull sack or the looking glass the Bachelor or the Hawk
13 the Welch Embassador or a Comedy in disguises Tho Dekker
14 Your 5 gallants (is in print)
15 The Wandring Jew
16 a Citty shew on the L. Mayors day Tho Dekker
17 Roxolana or the Ambitious stepdame
18 Osman the Turk or the Ottoman custome
19 More then 9 days wonder Two constant women
20 The fatal banquet
21 Valentinian or Rapes Revenge
22 a match without money or the Wiues prise
23 The younger Brother or male Curtesan
24 the widdow captain
25 the white witch of Westminster or Love in a Lunacy
26 the Dutch painter & the french brawle
27 a Gentleman no Gentleman a metamorphosed Courtier
Actors Eustace, frampole, friswood &c
28 Philip of macedon
29 the Triumph of Jnnocence
30 2 Christmas tale or the Knight & the Cobbler Philip Lane
31 a Court Purge
32 The Cloudy Queen & singing moor. (2 Copies)
33 The City night cap.
34 Tereus with a pastoral M.A
Actors. Agnostus Eupathus &c
Actors Mufti Nassuf &c
35 the 2 Spanish Gentlemen
36 Challenge for beauty (is in print) Tho Heywood
37 The unfaithfull wife
38 a way to make a knaue honest.
39 the ambitious brother G. Buc
40 Mustpaha
41 the noble husbands Henry Glapthor[ne]
Actors Cataloche le dirard &c
42 the widdows prise or the woman Captain
43 Believe it is so & tis so Th. Decker
44 the Lovers holyday
45 Loves infancy
46 The marriage night
47 the tragedy of Tomerania
48 the false friend
49 Tradeways Tragedy
50 Pandorae Pyxis } Latin.
51 Aleumista }