Hill's List of Early Plays in Manuscript

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The following list of early plays in manuscript was recorded by book collector Abraham Hill (1635-1721). It is reproduced from pages 73-74 of
Joseph Quincy Adams, “Hill’s List of Early Plays in Manuscript.” The Library 4th Ser., 20.1 (1939): 71-99. Print.

1 ………. The Conquerors custome or the fair prisoner Tho Middleton
2 The white Moor Tho Decker
3 Christianetta or Marriage & hanging goe by destiny Chapman & Brome
4 The wrongd Widows tragedy
5 The Lovers holiday or the Beare
6 All is not Gold that glisters
7 Look on me & Love me or marriage in the dark
8 The Witch of Edmonton Will. Sh
9 The painted Lady
10 Spanish preferment
11 disguises or love in disguise, a pettycoat voyage Th. Decker
12 mull sack or the looking glass the Bachelor or the Hawk
13 the Welch Embassador or a Comedy in disguises Tho Dekker
14 Your 5 gallants (is in print)
15 The Wandring Jew
16 a Citty shew on the L. Mayors day Tho Dekker
17 Roxolana or the Ambitious stepdame
18 Osman the Turk or the Ottoman custome
19 More then 9 days wonder Two constant women
20 The fatal banquet
21 Valentinian or Rapes Revenge
22 a match without money or the Wiues prise
23 The younger Brother or male Curtesan
24 the widdow captain
25 the white witch of Westminster or Love in a Lunacy
26 the Dutch painter & the french brawle
27 a Gentleman no Gentleman a metamorphosed Courtier
Actors Eustace, frampole, friswood &c
28 Philip of macedon
29 the Triumph of Jnnocence
30 2 Christmas tale or the Knight & the Cobbler Philip Lane
31 a Court Purge
32 The Cloudy Queen & singing moor. (2 Copies)
33 The City night cap.
34 Tereus with a pastoral M.A
Actors. Agnostus Eupathus &c
Actors Mufti Nassuf &c
35 the 2 Spanish Gentlemen
36 Challenge for beauty (is in print) Tho Heywood
37 The unfaithfull wife
38 a way to make a knaue honest.
39 the ambitious brother G. Buc
40 Mustpaha
41 the noble husbands Henry Glapthor[ne]
Actors Cataloche le dirard &c
42 the widdows prise or the woman Captain
43 Believe it is so & tis so Th. Decker
44 the Lovers holyday
45 Loves infancy
46 The marriage night
47 the tragedy of Tomerania
48 the false friend
49 Tradeways Tragedy
50 Pandorae Pyxis } Latin.
51 Aleumista }