Funeral of Richard Coeur de Lion, The

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Henry Chettle, Michael Drayton, Anthony Munday and Robert Wilson (1598)

Historical Records

Henslowe's diary

Dramatic Records of Sir Henry Herbert

Revels Documents, 1660-1673 (Bawcutt 249, item R29):

A declaration under William Earle of Pembrokes Hande of the Antient powers of the Office dated the 20th of Nouemb. 1622.

Seuerall Plays allowed by Mr Tilney In 1598. which is .62. years since.

Sir William Longsword allowed to be Acted the. 24. May. 1598
The Faire Mayd of London
And Richard Cordelyon.

Kinge and noe Kinge to be Acted In 1611 & ye same to be printed,
Allowed by Sir George Bucke
And Hogg Hath Loste His Pearle by Sir George Buck.

Richard Hall

A variation of this note was subsequently reproduced in the "Breviat of Sir Henry and Simon Thelwall v. Thomas Betterton" (Bawcutt 255, item R33):

A Declaration under William Earle of Pembrokes hand of the Ancient Powers of the Office Dated Nouember 20. 1622.

Seuerall Plays allowed by Mr Tilney In 1598. As

Sr William Longsword Allowed to bee Acted in 1598.
The Fair Maid of London
Richard Cor de Lyon.
See the Bookes

Allowed by Sir George Buck

King and Noe Kinge to bee Acted in 1611. and the same to bee Printed
Hogg hath lost his Pearle and hundreds more
Richard Hall

Joseph Quincy Adams includes transcriptions of both, with minor differences, in the "Miscellaneous Papers" section of his edition of Herbert's records (Adams, 105; Adams, 112).

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