Five Plays in One (Queen's)

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Anon., presumed to be Richard Tarlton (1595)

Historical Records

Revels Office

Chrystmas, Twelftyde & Shrouetyde and making choyse 5 of plaies Anno Regni Regine Elizabethe: xxvijo 1584

The Charges of those times viz. betwene the laste daie of October 1584. Anno xxvjto Regni Regine Elizabethe and the —— of ffebruary .1584. Annoque Regni Rerine Elizabethe predcite xxvijo did rise aswell by meanes of attending making choyse, reforminge and altering of suche plaies Comodies maskes and inventions as ere prepared sett furth and presented before her maitstie at the tymes aforesaid. ...

An Inuention called ffiue played in one presented and enacted before her maitstie on Twelfe dame at nighte in the hall at Grenewich by her highness servauntes whereon was employed a greate cloth and a battlement of canvas and canvas for a well and a mount .xv ells of sarcenet .ix yardes of sullen cloth of gold purple.

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