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Historical Records

Henslowe's Diary

F. 44 (Greg I.83)

Layd [of] owte for copr lace for the littell boye & for a valle for the boye a
geanste the playe of dido & enevs the 3 of Jenewary 1597…. xxixs

Lent vnto the company when they fyrst played
dido at nyght the some of thirtishillynges
wch wasse the 8 of Jenewary 1597 J saye… xxxs

Henslowe's Properties and Costumes Inventories

The Enventary tacken of all the properties for my Lord Admeralles men, the 10 of Marche 1598.
Item, j tome of Guido, j tome of Dido, j bedsteade.
(Greg, Papers, 116)

The Enventorey of all the aparell of the Lord Admeralles men, taken the 13th of Marche 1598, as followeth:
Item, Dides robe.
(Greg, Papers, 118, 120)

Theatrical Provenance

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Probable Genre(s)

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References to the Play

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Critical Commentary

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For What It's Worth

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