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<div style="text-align: center;">[[Dramatists | '''Return to Browse by Dramatists''']]</div>
<div style="text-align: center;">[[Dramatists|'''Return to Browse by Dramatists''']]</div>  
(* = entry has been created for this title)
<br>This list is sortable: click the icon next to "Title", "Year", or "Auspices" to sort the list alphabetically/chronologically. Blue links = entry has been created for this title.
<br>[[As Merry as May Be]]
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<br>[[Bellman of Paris]]
<br>*[[Black Dog of Newgate, Parts 1 and 2]]  
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<br>[[Blind Beggar of Bednal Green (Tom Strowd), Parts 2 and 3]]
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<br>[[Boss of Billingsgate, The]]
! scope="col" align="left" |Auspices
<br>[[Bristow Tragedy]]  
<br>[[Conquest of Brute, Parts 1 and 2 | Conquest of Brute, Part 1]]
| [[As Merry as May Be]]||[[1602]]||[[:Category:Admiral's|Admiral's]]
<br>*[[Conquest of the West Indies, The]]  
<br>*[[Cox of Collumpton]]  
| [[Bellman of Paris]]||[[1623]]||[[:Category:Prince Charles's (I)|Prince Charles's (I)]]
<br>[[Cupid and Psyche (The Golden Ass)]]
<br>[[French History of the Unfortunate General, The]]
| [[Black Dog of Newgate, Parts 1 and 2]]||[[1602]], [[1603]]||[[:Category:Worcester's|Worcester's]]
<br>[[Friar Rush and the Proud Woman of Antwerp]]  
<br>[[Guy of Warwick, Life and Death of]]
| [[Blind Beggar of Bednal Green (Tom Strowd), Parts 2 and 3]]||[[1601]]||[[:Category:Admiral's|Admiral's]]
<br>[[Italian Tragedy, The]]
<br>[[Jane Shore]]
| [[Boss of Billingsgate, The]]||[[1603]]||[[:Category:Admiral's|Admiral's]]
<br>*[[Maiden's Holiday, The]]
<br>[[Seven Wise Masters, The]]
| [[Bristow Tragedy]]||[[1602]]||[[:Category:Admiral's|Admiral's]]
<br>[[Six Yeomen of the West, The]]
|- valign="top"
<br>[[Tom Dough, Part 2]]
| [[Come See a Wonder]]||[[1623]]||[[:category:Red Bull|Company of Strangers at the Red Bull]]
<br>[[Thomas Merry (Beech’s Tragedy)]]
| [[Conquest of Brute, Parts 1 and 2 |Conquest of Brute, Part 1]]||[[1598]]||[[:Category:Admiral's|Admiral's]]
| [[Conquest of the West Indies, The]]||[[1601]]||[[:Category:Admiral's|Admiral's]]
| [[Cox of Collumpton]]||[[1599]]||[[:Category:Admiral's|Admiral's]]
| [[Cupid and Psyche (The Golden Ass)]]||[[1600]]||[[:Category:Admiral's|Admiral's]]
| [[French History of the Unfortunate General, The]]||[[1603]]||[[:Category:Worcester's|Worcester's]]
| [[Friar Rush and the Proud Woman of Antwerp]]||[[1602]]||[[:Category:Admiral's|Admiral's]]
| [[Guy of Warwick, Life and Death of]]||[[1620]]||[[:Category:Unknown|Unknown]]
| [[History play including the death of Percy]]||[[1601]]||[[:Category:Unknown|Unknown]]
| [[Honest Citizen, The]]||[[1624]]||[[:Category:Prince Charles's (I)|Prince Charles's (I)]]
| [[Italian Tragedy (Admiral's)]]||[[1600]]||[[:Category:Admiral's|Admiral's]]
| [[Jane Shore]]||[[1603]]||[[:Category:Worcester's|Worcester's]]
| [[Maiden's Holiday, The]]||[[1593]]||[[:Category:Unknown|Unknown]]
| [[Seven Wise Masters, The]]||[[1600]]||[[:Category:Admiral's|Admiral's]]
| [[Spanish Moor's Tragedy, The]]||[[1600]]||[[:Category:Admiral's|Admiral's]]
| [[Six Yeomen of the West, The]]||[[1601]]||[[:Category:Admiral's|Admiral's]]
| [[Tom Dough, Part 2]]||[[1601]]||[[:Category:Admiral's|Admiral's]]
| [[Thomas Merry (Beech’s Tragedy)]]||[[1599]]||[[:Category:Admiral's|Admiral's]]

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