Damon and Pithias

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Henry Chettle (1600)

Historical Records

Henslowe's Diary

F. 67v (Greg I. 118)

Layd owt for the company the 16 febrearye 1599
in earnest of a Boocke called damon &
pethyus as maye a pere some is ............... xxs
to hary chettell

F. 68 (Greg I. 119)

Lent vnto wm Birde the 10 marche 1599 to
geue harey chettell in earneste of his Boocke
called damon & pethias the some of ............... xxvjs

F. 68v (Greg, I.120)

Lent vnto harey chettell the 26 of aprell 1[59]600
in parte payment of a Boocke called damon
& pethias at the a poyntment of Robart shawe
the some of .............................. xxxs
henry Chettle./

[marginal note: 16 - 07 - 00]

payd to Harry Chettle in full payment of vjs for
his booke of Damon & Pithias xxxxiiijs ............... xxxxiiijs

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