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:[[John Astington]] (University of Toronto)
:'''[[John Astington]]''', University of Toronto
:[[Roslyn L. Knutson]] (University of Arkansas, Little Rock)
:'''[[Roslyn L. Knutson]]''', University of Arkansas, Little Rock
:[[Jeremy Lopez]] (University of Toronto)
:'''[[Jeremy Lopez]]''', University of Toronto
:[[Kris McAbee]] (University of California, Santa Barbara)
:'''[[Kris McAbee]]''', University of California, Santa Barbara
:[[David McInnis]] (University of Melbourne)
:'''[[David McInnis]]''', University of Melbourne
:[[Tom Rutter]] (Sheffield Hallam University)
:'''[[Tom Rutter]]''', Sheffield Hallam University
:[[Matthew Steggle]] (Sheffield Hallam University)
:'''[[Matthew Steggle]]''', Sheffield Hallam University
:[[Dana F. Sutton]] (University of California, Irvine)
:'''[[Dana F. Sutton]]''', University of California, Irvine

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(Alphabetical order)

For biographical information on contributors to the Lost Plays Database, click on the contributor names below.

John Astington, University of Toronto
Roslyn L. Knutson, University of Arkansas, Little Rock
Jeremy Lopez, University of Toronto
Kris McAbee, University of California, Santa Barbara
David McInnis, University of Melbourne
Tom Rutter, Sheffield Hallam University
Matthew Steggle, Sheffield Hallam University
Dana F. Sutton, University of California, Irvine