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Plays performed by the Lord Chamberlain's Men. (See also the King's Men).


CHAMBERLAIN'S MEN, 1582 (as Hunsdon's), 1589, 1594 (?), 1595-1599, 1599 add., 1600-1602

Active: 1564-1590 chiefly in provinces as Lord Hunsdon's Men; 1594-1603 newly organized and one of the chief London companies.

Patrons: Henry Carey, 1st Lord H unsdon, Lord Chamberlain (d. 1596); George Carey, 2nd Lord Hunsdon, Lord Chamberlain (1547-1603).

Chief Playwright: William Shakespeare.

Chief Actor: Richard burbage (d. 1619).

Theatres: Newington Butts, 1594; the Theatre, 1594-c.1597; Curtain, 1597-1599; Globe, 1599-1603. Continued after 1603 as King's Men.


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