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==General Scholarship==
==General Scholarship==
Beckerman, ''Shakespeare at the Globe''
<div style="padding-left: 2em; text-indent: -2em">Beckerman, ''Shakespeare at the Globe''</div>
[[WorksCited|Chambers, ''ES'']]</div>
[[WorksCited|Chambers, ''ES'']]
<div style="padding-left: 2em; text-indent: -2em">Gurr, ''The Shakespearian Playing Companies''</div>
<div style="padding-left: 2em; text-indent: -2em">Gurr, ''The Shakespeare Company''</div>
Gurr, ''The Shakespearian Playing Companies''
<div style="padding-left: 2em; text-indent: -2em">Knutson, ''The Repertory of Shakespeare's Company, 1594-1613''</div>
Gurr, ''The Shakespeare Company''
Knutson, ''The Repertory of Shakespeare's Company, 1594-1613''

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Plays associated with the Chamberlain's Men and the Lord Hunsdon's Men.

At Newington, 1594

At the Theater and Curtain, 1594-1598

At the Globe, 1599-1603

General Scholarship

Beckerman, Shakespeare at the Globe

Chambers, ES

Gurr, The Shakespearian Playing Companies
Gurr, The Shakespeare Company
Knutson, The Repertory of Shakespeare's Company, 1594-1613

Scholarly Opinion on Lost Plays

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NB. This page is a work in progress; rather than attempting to represent a complete list of plays associated with the Chamberlain's men, this page will continually be updated as new entries are created for applicable plays.


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