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==Scholarly Opinion on Lost Plays==
==Scholarly Opinion on Lost Plays==

Sharpe, Robert B. ''The Real War of the Theaters''
Steggle, Matt, ''Digital Humanities and the Lost Drama of Early Modern England''
McInnis, David. ''Shakespeare and Lost Plays''

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Plays associated with the Chamberlain's Men and the Lord Hunsdon's Men.

At Newington, 1594

At the Theater and Curtain, 1594-1598

At the Globe,1599-1603

General Scholarship

Beckerman, Shakespeare at the Globe

Chambers, ES

Gurr, The Shakespearian Playing Companies

Gurr, The Shakespeare Company

Knutson, The Repertory of Shakespeare's Company, 1594-1613

Scholarly Opinion on Lost Plays

Sharpe, Robert B. The Real War of the Theaters

Steggle, Matt, Digital Humanities and the Lost Drama of Early Modern England

McInnis, David. Shakespeare and Lost Plays

NB. This page is a work in progress; rather than attempting to represent a complete list of plays associated with the Chamberlain's men, this page will continually be updated as new entries are created for applicable plays.


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