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"b samme" is the inscription given to a player named Sam by whoever annotated the plot of "Dead Man's Fortune". W. W. Greg in Henslowe Papers guessed that "b" stood for "boy," and he expanded the passage in the plot as follows: "B[oy] Sam [Gilburne?]" (p. 133). Twenty years later he was not so sure. He saw a conflict between interpreting the "b" as "boy" given that the actor (Sam) appears to have been assigned to the part of Euphrodore. He considered that "Euphrodore" might be a female character, though he found "no reason to suppose" so (p. 101, n. 6). He then considered whether the "b" might stand for "black" as in the character of Black Dick in "Frederick and Basilea". Nungezer dropped the "b" in alphabetizing the player, listing him as "Sam" under "S." McMillin considered "'samme'" to be one of the "regular supernumeraries" (p. 239). Bradley groups "b samme" with the adult players and does not specify him as one of the eight boys (95-7).

Attendant, Validore's man, and possibly Euphrodore in "The Dead Man's Fortune"

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