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Admiral's (cont'd)
Admiral's (cont'd)

Alexander and Lodowick
Alice Pierce
All Is Not Gold That Glisters
Antony and Vallia
Arcadian Virgin
Arthur, King of England
As Merry as May Be
Barnado and Fiammetta
Bear a Brain, or Better Late Than Never
Bendo (or Byndo) and Richardo
I Black Batman of the North
II Black Batman of the North
Black Joan
II The Blind Beggar of Bednal Green (Tom Strowd)
III The Blind Beggar of Bednal Green (Tom Strowd)
Boss of Billingsgate, The
Branhowlte (Brunhild)
Bristow Tragedy
Burbon (i.e. Bourbon?)
I Caesar and Pompey
II Caesar and Pompey
Caesar’s Fall
Catiline’s Conspiracy (Catiline)
Chance Medley
Chinon of England
I, II, & III The Civil Wars of France
Clorys and Orgasto
Cobbler of Queenheath, The
Connan, Prince of Cornwall
I The Conquest of Brute
II The Conquest of Brute
Conquest of Spain by John a Gaunt, The
Conquest of the West Indies, The
Cox of Collumpton
Crack Me This Nut
Cupid and Psyche (The Golden Ass)
Damon and Pithias
Danish Tragedy
Disguises, or Love in Disguise, a Petticoat Voyage
Don Horatio
I & II Earl Godwin and His Three Sons
Earl of Hereford, The
English Fugitives, The
I Fair Constance of Rome
II Fair Constance of Rome
Famous Wars of Henry I and the Prince of Wales (The Welshman’s Prize)
Ferrex and Porrex
First Introduction of the Civil Wars of France, The
Five Plays in One
Fortunatus, Part 1
Fortune’s Tennis
II Fortune’s Tennis
Fount(ain) of New Fashions, The
Four Kings, The
Four Sons of Aymon, The
Frederick and Basilea
French Doctor
French Comedy, The
Friar Fox and Gillian of Brentford
Friar Rush and the Proud Woman of Antwerp
Friar Spendleton
Funeral of Richard Coeur de Lion, The

II Godfrey of Boulogne
Grecian Comedy
Hamlet (or Ur-Hamlet)
I Hannibal and Hermes
Hannibal and Scipio
Hardicanute (Canute)
Harry of Cornwall
Henry I
Henry V
II Henry Richmond
I Hercules
II Hercules
Hester and Ahasuerus
Hot Anger Soon Cold
Humorous Earl of Gloucester, with His Conquest of Portugal, The
Italian Tragedy, The
Joan as Good as My Lady
John a Kent and John a Cumber
Julian the Apostate
Jurgurtha (King of Numidia)
Life of Cardinal Wolsey, The
I The London Florentine
II The London Florentine
Long Meg of Westminster
Love of an English Lady, The
Love of a Grecian Lady
Love Parts Friendship
Love Prevented
Mack, The
Madman’s Morris, The
Malcolm, King of Scots
Martin Swart, his Life and Death
Merchant of Emden, The
Miller, The
Mother Redcap
Mulmutius Dunwallow
New World’s Tragedy, The
Orestes’ Furies
Orphans’ Tragedy, The
Owen Tudor
Page of Plymouth
Palamon and Arcite
Pastoral Tragedy, A
Philip of Spain
Philipo and Hippolito
Phocasse (Focas)
Pierce of Exton
Pierce of Winchester
Pope Joan
Poor Man’s Paradise, The
Randall, Earl of Chester (Chester’s Tragedy)
Richard Crookback
Rising of Cardinal Wolsey, The
Robert II, King of Scots (The Scot’s Tragedy)
Robin Hood’s Pennyworths

Scogan and Skelton
Sebastian, King of Portugal
Seleo and Olympio (Seleo and Hengenyo)
Set at Maw, The
Set at Tennis, The
I The Seven Days of the Week
II The Seven Days of the Week
Seven Wise Masters, The
Siege of Dunkirk, with Alleyn the Pirate, The
Siege of London, The
Singer’s Voluntary
Sir John Mandeville
II Sir John Oldcastle
I Six Clothiers of the West
II Six Clothiers of the West
Six Yeomen of the West, The
Spanish Fig, The
Spensers, The
Stepmother’s Tragedy, The
Strange News out of Poland
Sturgflatery (Stark Flattery? Strange Flattery?)
I Tamar Cham
II Tamar Cham
Tasso’s Melancholy
That Will Be Shall Be
Tinker of Totness, The
Toy to Please Chaste Ladies, A
Triangle (or Triplicity) of Cuckolds, The
Thomas Merry (Beech’s Tragedy)
Time’s Triumph and Fortus
‘Tis No Deceit to Deceive the Deceiver
II Tom Dough
Too Good to Be True
Tristram de Lyons
Troilus and Cressida
Troy’s Revenge, with the Tragedy of Polyphemus
Truth’s Supplication to Candlelight
Turkish Mahomet and Hiren the Fair Greek
II The Two Angry Women of Abington
Two Merry Women of Abington
Uther Pendragon
Valentine and Orson
Venetian Comedy, The
War without Blows and Love without Suit (or Strife)
Welshman, The
Widow’s Charm, The
William Cartwright
William Longsword (William Longbeard)
Wise Man of West Chester, The
Witch of Islington, The
Woman Hard to Please, A
Woman’s Tragedy, The
Wonder of a Woman, The
Wooing of Death, The
World Runs Well on Wheels, or All Fools but the Fool
II Worse Afeared Than Hurt (II Hannibal and Hermes)