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A. …… F. …… L. …… S.
Abraham and Lot Fair Maid of Italy, The Ladies and Boys, A Mask of Saint Christopher
Absalom Fair Maid of London, The Lady Amity Samson
Abuses Fair Star of Antwerp Like unto Like Sarpedon
Aeneas and Dido False Friend Locus, Corpus, Motus, etc. Scholar Turned to School Again
Agamemnon and Ulysses Felix and Philomena London Against the Three Ladies Scipio Africanus
Ajax Flagellifer Ferrar, A History of Long Meg of Westminster Scots, A Mask of
Alice and Alexis Fig for a Spaniard, A Longshanks Seleo and Olympio (Seleo and Hengenyo)
Alice Pierce Five Plays in One Look to the Lady Set at Maw, The
Almanac, The Forces of Hercules, The Lost Muse, The Seven Days of the Week, Parts 1 and 2
Amazons Fortunatus, Part 1 Love and Self-Love Ship, The
Angel King Fortune’s Tennis, Part 2 Love of an English Lady, The Siege of London, The
Antic Play and a Comedy Four Seasons Love of a Grecian Lady Silver Mine
Antony and Vallia Four Sons of Fabius (Fabii) Love’s Aftergame, or The Proxy Sir John Mandeville
Ariodante and Genevora Fragment of a play, 17th cent. Lucretia Six Seamen, A Mask of
Astiages Fragment of a play Soldan and the Duke of —
Author’s plot, the scene Macedonia Frederick and Basilea M. Solomon and the Queen of Sheba
French Doctor Machiavel Sophomorus
B. French Comedy, The Mack, The Spanish Fig, The
Bad Beginning Makes a Good End, A Friar Fox and Gillian of Brentford Mad Priest of the Sun, The Spanish Maze, The
Baptism of Prince Henry, The Friar Francis Mahomet Spanish Tragedy
Barnado and Fiammetta Friar Spendleton Man in the Moon Drinks Claret Spanish Viceroy
Baxter’s Tragedy (Barkstead’s Tragedy) Marquis d’Ancre Stately Tragedy of the Great Cham
Beauty and Housewifery G. Martin Swart, his Life and Death Stoicus Vapulans
Belinus, Brennus Galiaso Meleager, Publii Ovidii Nasonis Sturgflatery
Bellendon Game of Cards Merchant of Emden, The Sycophant
Bendo (or Byndo) and Richardo Garlic Middle Temple Mask Sylla Dictator (Catiline)
Berowne (also Burone, & Biron) General, The Miller, The
Black Joan George Scanderbeg Moore’s Masque T.
Black Lady Give a Man Luck and Throw Him into the Sea Muly Molloco Tamar Cham, Parts 1 and 2
Bonos Nochios Godfrey of Boulogne, Part 2 Tanner of Denmark, The
Brandimer God Speed the Plough N. Tararantantara Turba
Branhowlte (Brunhild) Govell’s Mask Nebuchadnezzar Tartarian Cripple, The (Emperor of Constantinople)
Bridegroom and Madman Gowry New World\'s Tragedy, The Tasso’s Melancholy
Brougham Castle Entertainment Gramercy Wit Nine Passions, A Mask of the Telemo (Ptolome?)
Buck is a Thief Grecian Comedy Ninus and Semiramis That Will Be Shall Be
Buckingham Guelphs and Ghibbelines Noble Grandchild Three Christians, The
Buckingham’s Mask Guido Tinker of Totness, The
Burbon (i.e. Bourbon?) O. Time’s Triumph and Fortus
H. Octavia Titus and Vespasian
C. Hamlet (or Ur-Hamlet) Osmond, the Great Turk Tom of Bedlam (Marriage of a Farmer’s Son)
Caesar and Pompey Hardicanute (Canute) Osric Torrismount
Caesar and Pompey, Parts 1 and 2 Harry of Cornwall Toy, The
Calistus Heliogabalus P. Toy to Please Chaste Ladies, A
Capture of Stuhlweissenburg, The Hengist Palamon and Arcite Tristram de Lyons
Celestina Henry I Paradox Triumph of the Cross
Chinon of England Henry the Una Parracide Troy
Chirke Castle, Entertainment at Henry V Parroiall (Pareil?) of Princes A Turk’s Too Good for Him
Christ’s Passion Hercules, Parts 1 and 2 Peaceable King, or Lord Mendall Turnholt
City, The Hester and Ahasuerus Philipo and Hippolito Twelve Months
City Shuffler, Part 2 Hippolytus Philip of Spain
Clorys and Orgasto Hocus-Pocus Phocasse (Focas) U.
Cloth Breeches and Velvet Hose Honour in the End Phyllida and Corin Uther Pendragon
Cobbler of Queenheath, The House is Haunted Plantation of Virginia, The
Constantine Hugh Aston’s Mask Play of Plays and Pastimes V.
Cosmo Huon of Bordeaux Pompey Valentine and Orson
Crack Me This Nut Pontius Pilate Valiant Scholar
Cupid and Psyche I. Pope, Cardinals, Friars Venetian Comedy, The
Cupid’s Festival Invisible Knight Pope Joan Vortigern
Cutlack Irish Gentleman, The Portio and Demorantes Vow and a Good One
Irish Rebellion Prince Henry’s Welcome to Winchester
D. Projector Lately Dead W.
De Humfredo Aulico Confessionem Repudiante J. Proud Maid’s Tragedy Warlamchester
Dead Man’s Fortune, The Jealous Comedy, The Pythagoras Warriors
Delight Jerusalem Wedding Mask for Sir Philip Herbert (Juno and Hymenaeus)
Dido Jesuits Comedy Q. Welshman, The
Diocletian John of Gaunt Queen Henrietta’s Mask Welsh Traveller
Don Horatio Judith Queen’s Welcome at Theobalds Whore in Grain
Dramatic fragment in verse Julian the Apostate Whore New Vamped
Dumb Bawd of Venice R. William the Conqueror
Duns Furens K. Ranger’s Comedy, The Wise Man of West Chester, The
Dutch Painter, and the French Brawl King Ebrauk with All His Sons Raymond Duke of Lyons Witch of Islington, The
King Lud Richard II Woman Hard to Please, A
E. Knights of India and China, A Mask of the Richard the Confessor Woman is Too Hard for Him, The
Earl of Hereford, The Knot of Fools, The Richard Whittington Wonder of a Woman, The
Edinburgh Entertainment Ring, The World, The
England’s First Happiness, or The Life of St. Austin Robin Goodfellow
Robinhood and Little John Y & Z
Roderick Younger Brother
Royal Widow of England, A Yule-tide
Rufus I with Life and Death of Belyn Dun Zenobia
Running (or Traveling) Mask