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NB: The playlists in Philip Henslowe's Diary for 1595 serve as place-holder for the date of lost plays first mentioned in those lists unless otherwise documented. Entries for the relevant plays discuss issues of chronology in detail.

Dramatist Title Auspices
Anon. Antony and Vallia Admiral's
Anon. Barnado and Fiammetta Admiral’s
Anon. Caesar and Pompey, Part 2 Admiral’s
Anon. Crack Me This Nut Admiral’s
Anon. Fortunatus, Part 1 Admiral’s
Anon. French Comedy, The Admiral’s
Anon. Guelphs and Ghibbelines Unknown
Anon. Henry V Admiral’s
Anon. Hercules Part 1 Admiral’s
Anon. Hercules Part 2 Admiral’s
Anon. Judith Closet
Anon. Long Meg of Westminster Admiral’s
Anon. Longshanks Admiral’s
Anon. Love and Self-Love Court
Anon. Mack, The Admiral’s
Anon. New World's Tragedy, The Admiral’s
Anon. Ninus and Semiramis Unknown
Anon. Olympio and Eugenio Admiral's
Anon. Seleo and Olympo Admiral’s
Anon. Seven Days of the Week, Part 1 Admiral’s
Anon. Toy to Please Chaste Ladies, A Admiral’s
Anon. Valentine and Orson Queen's
Anon. Wonder of a Woman, The Admiral’s
Anon. Disguises Admiral’s
Anon. Welshman, The Unknown
Kempe, William (?) Broom-Man, The Unknown
Kempe, William (?) Kitchen Stuff Woman, The Unknown

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