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This list is sortable: click the icon next to "Dramatist", "Title", or "Auspices" to sort the list alphabetically/chronologically. Blue links = entry has been created for this title.

NB: The playlists in Philip Henslowe's Diary for 1594 serve as place-holder for the date of lost plays first mentioned in those lists unless otherwise documented. Entries for the relevant plays discuss issues of chronology in detail.

Dramatist Title Auspices
Anon. Baptism of Prince Henry, The Stirling Castle
Anon. Bellendon (Rufus I with Life and Death of Belyn Dun) Admiral's
Anon. Caesar and Pompey, Part 1 Admiral's
Anon. Cutlack Admiral's
Anon. Diocletian Admiral's
Anon. French Doctor Admiral's
Anon. Friar Francis Sussex's
Anon. Galiaso Admiral's
Anon. Godfrey of Boulogne, Parts 1 and 2 Admiral's
Anon. Grecian Comedy Admiral's
Anon. Hester and Ahasuerus Admiral's with Chamberlain's
Anon. John of Gaunt Unknown
Anon. Letter from Henry, Prince of Purpoole, to the Great Turk (Folger MS V.a.190) Gray's Inn
Anon. Love of a Grecian Lady, The Admiral's
Anon. Love of an English Lady, The Admiral's
Anon. Mahomet Admiral's
Anon. Merchant of Emden, The Admiral's
Anon. Palamon and Arcite Admiral's
Anon. Philipo and Hippolito Admiral's
Anon. Rangers Comedy, The Sussex's with Queen's; then Admiral's
Anon. Robin Hood and Little John Unknown
Anon. Set at Maw, The Admiral's
Anon. Siege of London, The Admiral's
Anon. (revisions by Dekker 1602) Tasso's Melancholy Admiral's
Anon. (James I & Fowler, W.?) Three Christians, The Stirling Castle
Anon. Venetian Comedy, The Admiral's
Anon. Warlamchester Admiral's
Anon. Wise Man of West Chester, The Admiral’s
Cecil, Robert Queen's Entertainment at Theobalds Burghley, Lord; William Cecil (host)
Kyd, Thomas Portia Closet (?)

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